Part I, The Central and Superuniverses


Part I. The Central and Superuniverses

Part II. The Local Universe

Part III. The History of Urantia

Part IV. The Life and Teachings of Jesus

1. The Universal Father (p.21)



2. The Nature of God (p.33)


3. The Attributes of God (p.44)


4. God's Relation to the Universe (p.54)

5. God's Relation to the Individual (p.62)

The morality of the religions of evolution drive men forward in the God quest. (p.66)


6. The Eternal Son (p.73)

Eternal Son (p.73)



7. Relation of the Eternal Son to the Universe (p.81)

8. The Infinite Spirit (p.90)

Infinite Spirit (p.90)



9. Relation of the Infinite Spirit to the Universe (p.98)


10. The Paradise Trinity (p.108)


11. The Eternal Isle of Paradise (p.118)


Paradise (p.118)

Western Paradise

Space respiration (p.123)

Pervaded space (p.124)

Vertical cross section of total space
relatively quiet space zones (p.124)

The size of Urantia


Unfolding of the Master Universe by Nigel Nunn


12. The Universe of Universes (p.128)


Seven Superuniverses (p. 129)

Outer space levels (p.129)

Seven Superuniverses with four outer space levels

Gravity circuits (p.132)

13. The Sacred Spheres of Paradise (p.143)

Three Paradise Circuits (p.144)
Divinington (p.144)


Vicegerington (p.145)

Paradise-Havona Circuits (p.152)

14. The Central and Divine Universe (p.152)


Seven circuits of Havona worlds (p.153)

Dark gravity bodies (p.153)

Havona worlds (p.155)

A view of the Havona worlds as seen by a transport seconaphim over the wall of dark gravity bodies.

The seventh Havona Circuit (p.158)

The sixth Havona Circuit (p.158)

The fifth Havona Circuit (p.158)
The fourth Havona Circuit (p.158)
The third Havona Circuit (p.158)
The second Havona Circuit (p.158)
The first Havona Circuit (p.158)

15. The Seven Superuniverses (p.164)

Seven Superuniverses (p.164)

systems (p.166)

minor sectors (p.166)
major sectors (p.166)
Major Sector of Splandon (p. 174)
Minor Sector of Ensa (p. 182)
Uversa (p. 175)

16. The Seven Master Spirits (p.184)

Seven Master Spirits (p. 184)


17. The Seven Supreme Spirit Groups (p.197)

Seven Supreme Executives (p.198)

Reflective Spirits (p.199)

Seven Supreme Spirit Groups (p.197)
Majeston (p.199)

Seven Spirits of the Havona Circuits (p.202)

Image Aids (p.202)


18. The Supreme Trinity Personalities (p.207)

Supreme Trinity Personalities (p.207)

Trinitized Secrets of Supremacy (p.207)

Ancients of Days (p.209)

Perfections of Days (p.210)
Recents of Days (p.211)

Union of Days (p.212)

Journey to the minor sector of Ensa (p.212)
Journey to the major sector of Splandon (p.211)

Journey to Uversa (p.222)

19. The Co-ordinate Trinity-Origin Beings (p.214)

Trinity-Origin Beings (p.214)
Perfectors of Wisdom (p.215)
Divine Counselors (p.216)

Universal Censors (p.217)

Inspired Trinity Spirits (p.219)

I do not believe the Inspired Trinity Spirits are playing hide and seek with me (p.221)

Havona natives (p.220)
Paradise Citizens (p.222)

20. The Paradise Sons of God (p.223)

Creator Sons (p.235)

Avonals (p.224)

Daynals (p.230, 232)

21. The Paradise Creator Sons (p.234)


22. The Trinitized Sons of God (p.243)

Trinity-embraced Sons (p.243)
Mighty Messengers (p.245)
Those High in Authority (p.246)

Those without Name and Number (p.246)

Technique of Trinitization (p.249)

Paradise-Havona-trinitized Sons (p.251)

Tritinized sons of Destiny (p.251)

Celestial Guardians (p.252)
High Son Assistants (p.253)

23. The Solitary Messengers (p.256)

Solitary Messengers (p.256)


24. Higher Personalities of the Infinite Spirit (p.264)

Higher Personalities of the Infinite Spirit (p.264)

Census Directors (p.266)

Personal Aids (p.268)

Universe Circuit Supervisors (p.265)

Associate Inspectors (p.268)

Assigned Sentinels (p.269)
Graduate Guides (p.271)


25. The Messenger Hosts of Space (p.273)

Havona Servitals (p.273)

Universal Conciliators (p.275)

Technical Advisers (p.279)

Custodians of Records (p.281)

Celestial Recorders (p.281)

Morontia Companions (p.282)
Paradise Companions (p.283)

26. Ministering Spirits of the Central Universe (p.285)

Supernaphim (p.285)

circuit 5 (p.298)

sometimes look back over the struggles of youth and early life (p.296)

circuit 2 (p.295)

Pilot Worlds (p.290)
Primary Supernaphim (p. 298)
Paradise courses (p.298)


27. Ministry of the Primary Supernaphim (p.298)

Tertiary Supernaphim (p.287)
Secondary Supernaphim (p. 289)
pilgrim helpers (p.291)

Trinity Guides (p.292)

Son Finders (p.293)
Father Guides (p.294)
Councilors and Advisors (p.295)
Complements of Rest (p.296)
Supremacy Guides (p.292)

28. Ministering Spirits of the Superuniverses (p.306)

Tertiaphim (p.306)
Omniaphim (p.307)

Seconaphim (p.307)


29. The Universe Power Directors (p.319)

Supreme Power Directors (p. 320)
Supreme Power Centers (p. 320)

Master Physical Controllers (p.324)

Associate Power Directors (p. 325)
Mechanical Controllers (p. 325)

Energy Transformers (p. 326)
Energy Transmitters (p. 327)
Primary Associators (p. 328)
Secondary Dissociators (p. 328)
Frandalanks (p. 328)
Chronoldeks (p. 329)

Master Force Organizers (p. 329)

30. Personalities of the Grand Universe (p.330)

31. The Corps of the Finality (p.345)