Paper 17 — The Seven Supreme Spirit Groups

P.197 – §1 The seven Supreme Spirit groups
are the universal co-ordinating directors of the seven-segmented administration
of the grand universe. Although all are classed among the functional family
of the Infinite Spirit, the following three groups are usually classified
as children of the Paradise Trinity:

P.197 – §2 1. The Seven Master Spirits.

P.197 – §3 2. The Seven Supreme Executives.

P.197 – §4 3. The Reflective Spirits.

P.197 – §5 The remaining four groups are brought into being by the
creative acts of the Infinite Spirit or by his associates of creative

P.197 – §6 4. The Reflective Image Aids.

P.197 – §7 5. The Seven Spirits of the Circuits.

P.197 – §8 6. The Local Universe Creative Spirits.

P.197 – §9 7. The Adjutant Mind-Spirits.

P.197 – §10 These seven orders are known on Uversa as the seven
Supreme Spirit groups. Their functional domain extends from the personal
presence of the Seven Master Spirits on the periphery of the eternal Isle,
through the seven Paradise satellites of the Spirit, the Havona circuits,
the governments of the superuniverses, and the administration and supervision
of the local universes, even to the lowly service of the adjutants bestowed
upon the realms of evolutionary mind on the worlds of time and space.

P.197 – §11 The Seven Master Spirits are the co-ordinating directors
of this far-flung administrative realm. In some matters pertaining to
the administrative regulation of organized physical power, mind energy,
and impersonal spirit ministry, they act personally and directly, and
in others they function through their multifarious associates. In all
matters of an executive nature–rulings, regulations, adjustments, and
administrative decisions–the Master Spirits act in the persons of the
Seven Supreme Executives. In the central universe the Master Spirits may
function through the Seven Spirits of the Havona Circuits; on the headquarters
of the seven superuniverses they reveal themselves through the channel
of the Reflective Spirits and act through the persons of the Ancients
of Days, with whom they are in personal communication through the Reflective
Image Aids.

P.197 – §12 The Seven Master Spirits do not directly and personally
contact universe administration below the courts of the Ancients of Days.
Your local universe is administered as a part of our superuniverse by
the Master Spirit of Orvonton, but his function in relation to the native
beings of Nebadon is immediately discharged and personally directed by
the Creative Mother Spirit resident on Salvington, the headquarters of
your local universe.



P.198 – §1 The executive headquarters of the Master
Spirits occupy the seven Paradise satellites of the Infinite Spirit, which
swing around the central Isle between the shining spheres of the Eternal
Son and the innermost Havona circuit. These executive spheres are under
the direction of the Supreme Executives, a group of seven who were trinitized
by the Father, Son, and Spirit in accordance with the specifications of
the Seven Master Spirits for beings of a type that could function as their
universal representatives.

P.198 – §2 The Master Spirits maintain contact with
the various divisions of the superuniverse governments through these Supreme
Executives. It is they who very largely determine the basic constitutive
trends of the seven superuniverses. They are uniformly and divinely perfect,
but they also possess diversity of personality. They have no presiding
head; each time they meet together, they choose one of their number to
preside over that joint council. Periodically they journey to Paradise
to sit in council with the Seven Master Spirits.

P.198 – §3 The Seven Supreme Executives function
as the administrative co-ordinators of the grand universe; they might
be termed the board of managing directors of the post-Havona creation.
They are not concerned with the internal affairs of Paradise, and they
direct their limited spheres of Havona activity through the Seven Spirits
of the Circuits. Otherwise there are few limits to the scope of their
supervision; they engage in the direction of things physical, intellectual,
and spiritual; they see all, hear all, feel all, even know all, that transpires
in the seven superuniverses and in Havona.

P.198 – §4 These Supreme Executives do not originate
policies, nor do they modify universe procedures; they are concerned with
the execution of the plans of divinity promulgated by the Seven Master
Spirits. Neither do they interfere with the rule of the Ancients of Days
in the superuniverses nor with the sovereignty of the Creator Sons in
the local universes. They are the co-ordinating executives whose function
it is to carry out the combined policies of all duly constituted rulers
in the grand universe.

P.198 – §5 Each of the executives and the facilities
of his sphere are devoted to the efficient administration of a single
superuniverse. Supreme Executive Number One, functioning on executive
sphere number one, is wholly occupied with the affairs of superuniverse
number one, and so on to Supreme Executive Number Seven, working from
the seventh Paradise satellite of the Spirit and devoting his energies
to the management of the seventh superuniverse. The name of this seventh
sphere is Orvonton, for the Paradise satellites of the Spirit have the
same names as their related superuniverses; in fact, the superuniverses
were named after them.

P.198 – §6 On the executive sphere of the seventh
superuniverse the staff engaged in keeping straight the affairs of Orvonton
runs into numbers beyond human comprehension and embraces practically
every order of celestial intelligence. All superuniverse services of personality
dispatch (except Inspired Trinity Spirits and Thought Adjusters) pass
through one of these seven executive worlds on their universe journeys
to and from Paradise, and here are maintained the central registries for
all personalities created by the Third Source and Center who function
in the superuniverses. The system of material, morontial, and

P.199 – §0 spiritual records on one of these executive
worlds of the Spirit amazes even a being of my order.

P.199 – §1 The immediate subordinates of the Supreme
Executives consist for the greater part of the trinitized sons of Paradise-Havona
personalities and of the trinitized offspring of the glorified mortal
graduates from the agelong training of the ascendant scheme of time and
space. These trinitized sons are designated for service with the Supreme
Executives by the chief of the Supreme Council of the Paradise Corps of
the Finality.

P.199 – §2 Each Supreme Executive has two advisory
cabinets: The children of the Infinite Spirit on the headquarters of each
superuniverse choose representatives from their ranks to serve for one
millennium in the primary advisory cabinet of their Supreme Executive.
In all matters affecting the ascending mortals of time, there is a secondary
cabinet, consisting of mortals of Paradise attainment and of the trinitized
sons of glorified mortals; this body is chosen by the perfecting and ascending
beings who transiently dwell on the seven superuniverse headquarters.
All other chiefs of affairs are appointed by the Supreme Executives.

P.199 – §3 From time to time, great conclaves take
place on these Paradise satellites of the Spirit. Trinitized sons assigned
to these worlds, together with the ascenders who have attained Paradise,
assemble with the spirit personalities of the Third Source and Center
in the reunions of the struggles and triumphs of the ascendant career.
The Supreme Executives always preside over such fraternal gatherings.

P.199 – §4 Once in each Paradise millennium the Seven
Supreme Executives vacate their seats of authority and go to Paradise,
where they hold their millennial conclave of universal greeting and well-wishing
to the intelligent hosts of creation. This eventful occasion takes place
in the immediate presence of Majeston, the chief of all reflective spirit
groups. And they are thus able to communicate simultaneously with all
their associates in the grand universe through the unique functioning
of universal reflectivity.



P.199 – §5 The Reflective Spirits are of divine Trinity
origin. There are fifty of these unique and somewhat mysterious beings.
Seven of these extraordinary personalities were created at a time, and
each such creative episode was effected by a liaison of the Paradise Trinity
and one of the Seven Master Spirits.

P.199 – §6 This momentous transaction, occurring
in the dawn of time, represents the initial effort of the Supreme Creator
Personalities, represented by the Master Spirits, to function as cocreators
with the Paradise Trinity. This union of the creative power of the Supreme
Creators with the creative potentials of the Trinity is the very source
of the actuality of the Supreme Being. Therefore, when the cycle of reflective
creation had run its course, when each of the Seven Master Spirits had
found perfect creative synchrony with the Paradise Trinity, when the forty-ninth
Reflective Spirit had personalized, then a new and far-reaching reaction
occurred in the Deity Absolute which imparted new personality prerogatives
to the Supreme Being and culminated in the personalization of Majeston,
the reflectivity chief and Paradise center of all the work of the forty-nine
Reflective Spirits and their associates throughout the universe of universes.

P.200 – §1 Majeston is a true person, the personal
and infallible center of reflectivity phenomena in all seven superuniverses
of time and space. He maintains permanent Paradise headquarters near the
center of all things at the rendezvous of the Seven Master Spirits. He
is concerned solely with the co-ordination and maintenance of the reflectivity
service in the far-flung creation; he is not otherwise involved in the
administration of universe affairs.

P.200 – §2 Majeston is not included in our catalogue
of Paradise personalities because he is the only existing personality
of divinity created by the Supreme Being in functional liaison with the
Deity Absolute. He is a person, but he is exclusively and apparently automatically
concerned with this one phase of universe economy; he does not now function
in any personal capacity with relation to other (nonreflective) orders
of universe personalities.

P.200 – §3 The creation of Majeston signalized the
first supreme creative act of the Supreme Being. This will to action was
volitional in the Supreme Being, but the stupendous reaction of the Deity
Absolute was not foreknown. Not since the eternity-appearance of Havona
had the universe witnessed such a tremendous factualization of such a
gigantic and far-flung alignment of power and co-ordination of functional
spirit activities. The Deity response to the creative wills of the Supreme
Being and his associates was vastly beyond their purposeful intent and
greatly in excess of their conceptual forecasts.

P.200 – §4 We stand in awe of the possibility of
what the future ages, wherein the Supreme and the Ultimate may attain
new levels of divinity and ascend to new domains of personality function,
may witness in the realms of the deitization of still other unexpected
and undreamed of beings who will possess unimagined powers of enhanced
universe co-ordination. There would seem to be no limit to the Deity Absolute’s
potential of response to such unification of relationships between experiential
Deity and the existential Paradise Trinity.



P.200 – §5 The forty-nine Reflective Spirits are
of Trinity origin, but each of the seven creative episodes attendant upon
their appearance was productive of a type of being in nature resembling
the characteristics of the coancestral Master Spirit. Thus they variously
reflect the natures and characters of the seven possible combinations
of the association of the divinity characteristics of the Universal Father,
the Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit. For this reason it is necessary
to have seven of these Reflective Spirits on the headquarters of each
superuniverse. One of each of the seven types is required in order to
achieve the perfect reflection of all phases of every possible manifestation
of the three Paradise Deities as such phenomena might occur in any part
of the seven superuniverses. One of each type was accordingly assigned
to service in each of the superuniverses. These groups of seven dissimilar
Reflective Spirits maintain headquarters on the capitals of the superuniverses
at the reflective focus of each realm, and this is not identical with
the point of spiritual polarity.

P.200 – §6 The Reflective Spirits have names, but
these designations are not revealed on the worlds of space. They pertain
to the nature and character of these beings and are a part of one of the
seven universal mysteries of the secret spheres of Paradise.

P.201 – §1 The attribute of reflectivity, the phenomenon
of the mind levels of the Conjoint Actor, the Supreme Being, and the Master
Spirits, is transmissible to all beings concerned in the working of this
vast scheme of universal intelligence. And herein is a great mystery:
Neither the Master Spirits nor the Paradise Deities, singly or collectively,
disclose these powers of co-ordinate universal reflectivity just as they
are manifested in these forty-nine liaison personalities of Majeston,
and yet they are the creators of all these marvelously endowed beings.
Divine heredity does sometimes disclose in the creature certain attributes
which are not discernible in the Creator.

P.201 – §2 The personnel of the reflectivity service,
with the exception of Majeston and the Reflective Spirits, are all the
creatures of the Infinite Spirit and his immediate associates and subordinates.
The Reflective Spirits of each superuniverse are the creators of their
Reflective Image Aids, their personal voices to the courts of the Ancients
of Days.

P.201 – §3 The Reflective Spirits are not merely
transmitting agents; they are retentive personalities as well. Their offspring,
the seconaphim, are also retentive or record personalities. Everything
of true spiritual value is registered in duplicate, and one impression
is preserved in the personal equipment of some member of one of the numerous
orders of secoraphic personalities belonging to the vast staff of the
Reflective Spirits.

P.201 – §4 The formal records of the universes are
passed up by and through the angelic recorders, but the true spiritual
records are assembled by reflectivity and are preserved in the minds of
suitable and appropriate personalities belonging to the family of the
Infinite Spirit. These are the live records in contrast with the formal
and dead records of the universe, and they are perfectly preserved in
the living minds of the recording personalities of the Infinite Spirit.

P.201 – §5 The reflectivity organization is also
the news-gathering and the decree-disseminating mechanism of all creation.
It is in constant operation in contrast with the periodic functioning
of the various broadcast services.

P.201 – §6 Everything of import transpiring on a
local universe headquarters is inherently reflected to the capital of
its superuniverse. And conversely, everything of local universe significance
is reflected outward to the local universe capitals from the headquarters
of their superuniverse. The reflectivity service from the universes of
time up to the superuniverses is apparently automatic or self-operating,
but it is not. It is all very personal and intelligent; its precision
results from perfection of personality co-operation and therefore can
hardly be attributed to the impersonal presence-performances of the Absolutes.

P.201 – §7 While Thought Adjusters do not participate
in the operation of the universal reflectivity system, we have every reason
to believe that all Father fragments are fully cognizant of these transactions
and are able to avail themselves of their content.

P.201 – §8 During the present universe age the space
range of the extra-Paradise reflectivity service seems to be limited by
the periphery of the seven superuniverses. Otherwise, the function of
this service seems to be independent of time and space. It appears to
be independent of all known subabsolute universe circuits.

P.201 – §9 On the headquarters of each superuniverse
the reflective organization acts as a segregated unit; but on certain
special occasions, under the direction of Majeston, all seven may and
do act in universal unison, as in the event of the

P.202 – §0 jubilee occasioned by the settling of
an entire local universe in light and life and at the times of the millennial
greetings of the Seven Supreme Executives.



P.202 – §1 The forty-nine Reflective Image Aids were
created by the Reflective Spirits, and there are just seven Aids on the
headquarters of each superuniverse. The first creative act of the seven
Reflective Spirits of Uversa was the production of their seven Image Aids,
each Reflective Spirit creating his own Aid. The Image Aids are, in certain
attributes and characteristics, perfect reproductions of their Reflective
Mother Spirits; they are virtual duplications minus the attribute of reflectivity.
They are true images and constantly function as the channel of communication
between the Reflective Spirits and the superuniverse authorities. The
Image Aids are not merely assistants; they are actual representations
of their respective Spirit ancestors; they are images, and they are true
to their name.

P.202 – §2 The Reflective Spirits themselves are
true personalities but of such an order as to be incomprehensible to material
beings. Even on a superuniverse headquarters sphere they require the assistance
of their Image Aids in all personal intercourse with the Ancients of Days
and their associates. In contacts between the Image Aids and the Ancients
of Days, sometimes one Aid functions acceptably, while on other occasions
two, three, four, or even all seven are required for the full and proper
presentation of the communication intrusted to their transmission. Likewise,
the messages of the Image Aids are variously received by one, two, or
all three Ancients of Days, as the content of the communication may require.

P.202 – §3 The Image Aids serve forever by the sides
of their ancestral Spirits, and they have at their disposal an unbelievable
host of helper seconaphim. The Image Aids do not directly function in
connection with the training worlds of ascending mortals. They are closely
associated with the intelligence service of the universal scheme of mortal
progression, but you will not personally come in contact with them when
you sojourn in the Uversa schools because these seemingly personal beings
are devoid of will; they do not exercise the power of choice. They are
true images, wholly reflective of the personality and mind of the individual
Spirit ancestor. As a class, ascending mortals do not intimately contact
with reflectivity. Always some being of the reflective nature will be
interposed between you and the actual operation of the service.



P.202 – §4 The Seven Spirits of the Havona Circuits
are the joint impersonal representation of the Infinite Spirit and the
Seven Master Spirits to the seven circuits of the central universe. They
are the servants of the Master Spirits, whose collective offspring they
are. The Master Spirits provide a distinct and diversified administrative
individuality in the seven superuniverses. Through these uniform Spirits
of the Havona Circuits they are enabled to provide a unified, uniform,
and co-ordinated spiritual supervision for the central universe.

P.202 – §5 The Seven Spirits of the Circuits are
each limited to the permeation of a single Havona circuit. They are not
directly concerned with the regimes of the Eternals of Days, the rulers
of the individual Havona worlds. But they are in

P.203 – §0 liaison with the Seven Supreme Executives,
and they synchronize with the central universe presence of the Supreme
Being. Their work is wholly confined to Havona.

P.203 – §1 These Spirits of the Circuits make contact
with those who sojourn in Havona through their personal offspring, the
tertiary supernaphim. While the Circuit Spirits are coexistent with the
Seven Master Spirits, their function in the creation of tertiary supernaphim
did not attain major importance until the first pilgrims of time arrived
on the outer circuit of Havona in the days of Grandfanda.

P.203 – §2 As you advance from circuit to circuit
in Havona, you will learn of the Spirits of the Circuits, but you will
not be able to hold personal communion with them, even though you may
personally enjoy, and recognize the impersonal presence of, their spiritual

P.203 – §3 The Circuit Spirits are related to the
native inhabitants of Havona much as the Thought Adjusters are related
to the mortal creatures inhabiting the worlds of the evolutionary universes.
Like the Thought Adjusters, the Circuit Spirits are impersonal, and they
consort with the perfect minds of Havona beings much as the impersonal
spirits of the Universal Father indwell the finite minds of mortal men.
But the Spirits of the Circuits never become a permanent part of Havona



P.203 – §4 Much that pertains to the nature and function
of the local universe Creative Spirits properly belongs to the narrative
of their association with the Creator Sons in the organization and management
of the local creations; but there are many features of the prelocal universe
experiences of these marvelous beings which may be narrated as a part
of this discussion of the seven Supreme Spirit groups.

P.203 – §5 We are conversant with six phases of the
career of a local universe Mother Spirit, and we speculate much concerning
the probability of a seventh stage of activity. These different stages
of existence are:

P.203 – §6 1. Initial Paradise Differentiation. When
a Creator Son is personalized by the joint action of the Universal Father
and the Eternal Son, simultaneously there occurs in the person of the
Infinite Spirit what is known as the "supreme reaction of complement."
We do not comprehend the nature of this reaction, but we understand that
it designates an inherent modification of those personalizable possibilities
which are embraced within the creative potential of the Conjoint Creator.
The birth of a co-ordinate Creator Son signalizes the birth within the
person of the Infinite Spirit of the potential of the future local universe
consort of this Paradise Son. We are not cognizant of this new prepersonal
identification of entity, but we know that this fact finds place on the
Paradise records of the career of such a Creator Son.

P.203 – §7 2. Preliminary Creatorship Training. During
the long period of the preliminary training of a Michael Son in the organization
and administration of universes, his future consort undergoes further
development of entity and becomes group conscious of destiny. We do not
know, but we suspect that such a group-conscious entity becomes space
cognizant and begins that preliminary training requisite to the acquirement
of spirit skill in her future work of collaboration with the complemental
Michael in universe creation and administration.

P.204 – §1 3. The Stage of Physical Creation. At
the time the creatorship charge is administered to a Michael Son by the
Eternal Son, the Master Spirit who directs the superuniverse to which
this new Creator Son is destined gives expression to the "prayer
of identification" in the presence of the Infinite Spirit; and for
the first time, the entity of the subsequent Creative Spirit appears as
differentiated from the person of the Infinite Spirit. And proceeding
directly to the person of the petitioning Master Spirit, this entity is
immediately lost to our recognition, becoming apparently a part of the
person of this Master Spirit. The newly identified Creative Spirit remains
with the Master Spirit until the moment of the departure of the Creator
Son for the adventure of space; whereupon the Master Spirit commits the
new Spirit consort to the keeping of the Creator Son, at the same time
administering to the Spirit consort the charge of eternal fidelity and
unending loyalty. And then occurs one of the most profoundly touching
episodes which ever take place on Paradise. The Universal Father speaks
in acknowledgment of the eternal union of the Creator Son and the Creative
Spirit and in confirmation of the bestowal of certain joint powers of
administration by the Master Spirit of superuniverse jurisdiction.

P.204 – §2 The Father-united Creator Son and Creative
Spirit then go forth on their adventure of universe creation. And they
work together in this form of association throughout the long and arduous
period of the material organization of their universe.

P.204 – §3 4. The Life-Creation Era. Upon the declaration
of intention to create life by the Creator Son, there ensue on Paradise
the "personalization ceremonies," participated in by the Seven
Master Spirits and personally experienced by the supervising Master Spirit.
This is a Paradise Deity contribution to the individuality of the Spirit
consort of the Creator Son and becomes manifest to the universe in the
phenomenon of "the primary eruption" in the person of the Infinite
Spirit. Simultaneously with this phenomenon on Paradise, the heretofore
impersonal Spirit consort of the Creator Son becomes, to all practical
intents and purposes, a bona fide person. Henceforth and forevermore,
this same local universe Mother Spirit will be regarded as a person and
will maintain personal relations with all the personality hosts of the
ensuing life creation.

P.204 – §4 5. The Postbestowal Ages. Another and
great change occurs in the never-ending career of a Creative Spirit when
the Creator Son returns to universe headquarters after the completion
of his seventh bestowal and subsequent to his acquirement of full universe
sovereignty. On that occasion, before the assembled administrators of
the universe, the triumphant Creator Son elevates the Universe Mother
Spirit to cosovereignty and acknowledges the Spirit consort as his equal.

P.204 – §5 6. The Ages of Light and Life. Upon the
establishment of the era of light and life the local universe cosovereign
enters upon the sixth phase of a Creative Spirit’s career. But we may
not portray the nature of this great experience. Such things pertain to
a future stage of evolution in Nebadon.

P.204 – §6 7. The Unrevealed Career. We know of these
six phases of the career of a local universe Mother Spirit. It is inevitable
that we should ask: Is there a seventh career? We are mindful that, when
finaliters attain what appears to be their final destiny of mortal ascension,
they are of record as entering upon the career of sixth-stage spirits.
We conjecture that there awaits the finaliters still

P.205 – §0 another and unrevealed career in universe
assignment. It is only to be expected that we would likewise regard the
Universe Mother Spirits as having ahead of them some undisclosed career
which will constitute their seventh phase of personal experience in universe
service and loyal co-operation with the order of the Creator Michaels.


P.205 – §1 These adjutant spirits are the sevenfold
mind bestowal of a local universe Mother Spirit upon the living creatures
of the conjoint creation of a Creator Son and such a Creative Spirit.
This bestowal becomes possible at the time of the Spirit’s elevation to
the status of personality prerogatives. The narration of the nature and
functioning of the seven adjutant mind-spirits belongs more appropriately
to the story of your local universe of Nebadon.



P.205 – §2 The seven groups of Supreme Spirits constitute
the nucleus of the functional family of the Third Source and Center both
as the Infinite Spirit and as the Conjoint Actor. The domain of the Supreme
Spirits extends from the presence of the Trinity on Paradise to the functioning
of mind of the evolutionary-mortal order on the planets of space. Thus
do they unify the descending administrative levels and co-ordinate the
manifold functions of the personnel thereof. Whether it is a Reflective
Spirit group in liaison with the Ancients of Days, a Creative Spirit acting
in concert with a Michael Son, or the Seven Master Spirits encircuited
around the Paradise Trinity, the activity of the Supreme Spirits is encountered
everywhere in the central, super-, and local universes. They function
alike with the Trinity personalities of the order of "Days"
and with the Paradise personalities of the order of "Sons."

P.205 – §3 Together with their Infinite Mother Spirit,
the Supreme Spirit groups are the immediate creators of the vast creature
family of the Third Source and Center. All orders of the ministering spirits
spring from this association. Primary supernaphim originate in the Infinite
Spirit; secondary beings of this order are created by the Master Spirits;
tertiary supernaphim by the Seven Spirits of the Circuits. The Reflective
Spirits, collectively, are the mother-makers of a marvelous order of the
angelic hosts, the mighty seconaphim of the superuniverse services. A
Creative Spirit is the mother of the angelic orders of a local creation;
such seraphic ministers are original in each local universe, though they
are fashioned after the patterns of the central universe. All these creators
of ministering spirits are only indirectly assisted by the central lodgment
of the Infinite Spirit, the original and eternal mother of all the angelic

P.205 – §4 The seven Supreme Spirit groups are the
co-ordinators of the inhabited creation. The association of their directing
heads, the Seven Master Spirits, appears to co-ordinate the far-flung
activities of God the Sevenfold:

P.205 – §5 1. Collectively the Master Spirits near-equivalate
to the divinity level of the Trinity of Paradise Deities.

P.205 – §6 2. Individually they exhaust the primary
associable possibilities of triune Deity.

P.206 – §1 3. As diversified representatives of the
Conjoint Actor they are the repositories of that spirit-mind-power sovereignty
of the Supreme Being which he does not yet personally exercise.

P.206 – §2 4. Through the Reflective Spirits they
synchronize the superuniverse governments of the Ancients of Days with
Majeston, the Paradise center of universal reflectivity.

P.206 – §3 5. In their participation in the individualization
of the local universe Divine Ministers, the Master Spirits contribute
to the last level of God the Sevenfold, the Creator Son-Creative Spirit
union of the local universes.

P.206 – §4 Functional unity, inherent in the Conjoint
Actor, is disclosed to the evolving universes in the Seven Master Spirits,
his primary personalities. But in the perfected superuniverses of the
future this unity will undoubtedly be inseparable from the experiential
sovereignty of the Supreme.

P.206 – §5 [Presented by a Divine Counselor of Uversa.]